Lara + Daniel Guerrero Wedding

2018 kicked off in full force and while I certainly lagged behind on blogging my many shoots from last year, I'm excited to start this year's first blog post off with a wedding! I shot my very first wedding in October, 2017 and was lucky enough to second shoot the Guerrero's nuptials shortly thereafter alongside Cassie of Eff Jay Photography ( 

I met Cassie through Instagram - I had one of those confident moments where I reached out cold to a photographer I admire and she was kind enough to respond AND freely offer her wisdom. I have followed her work for a good while and having the opportunity to shadow and second shoot one of her wonderful couples was a fantastic learning experience. Cassie made it look easy and she handled the stresses of the wedding day with such professionalism, ease and positivity.

Being a successful wedding photographer is no small feat - you are entrusted with one of the most important and crucial duties of the entire day. It's a lot of responsibility and not something to take lightly, which is a big part of why I've sought out opportunities to dip my toe into the wedding photography business by learning from others first. I am really hoping to take on more engagements and weddings in 2018 so keep an eye out for more love stories. In the meantime, go give @effjayphotography a follow (she's now based in Missouri but will be back and forth to Austin)!