2016: A Lesson in Keeping It Real

Happy Nearly New Year, everyone! Since we're steaming full speed ahead into a brand new year, I thought I'd take a look back at some of my photographs that I didn't get to share in blog form yet but am really proud of. Before you scroll onward to the photos, I wanted to take a sec to get real about a few things.

I started this blog last week as a way to share my work as a part-time photographer but also as a way to keep a running journal for myself to look back on. For me, entrepreneurship does not come naturally or easily, so I tend to get discouraged and talk myself out of reaching for those goals that seem to require a bit too much business savvy. Lately, I've fallen into the Instagram trap of comparing myself to other successful photographers and feeling like I'm constantly ten steps behind.

What I've come to realize is that everyone is running the same race: writing profile intros that seem to usually include a reference to their love of wine, adorable "fur babies" and yoga pants as a way to seem relatable. Their feeds are generously sprinkled with calligraphied captions such as "save water, drink wine" or something equally trite. In my opinion, this just creates a lot of sameness because everyone's simply trying to copy their way to the top and it begins to lack authenticity. 

In 2017, I'm choosing to embrace the fact that I will never fall into the cutes-y, calligraphy-riddled, fur-baby cuddling and wine-obsessed "tribe" that seems to have taken over the Instagram platform. Normally I'm not one to go on rants but I needed to just unleash this burden I've placed on myself to try and "fit in" rather than to stand out. So cheers to standing out and keepin' it genuine. Check out my favorite images from 2016 below!