Photo credit: my wonderful boyfriend, David

Photo credit: my wonderful boyfriend, David

Hi, I'm Becca - an Austin based photographer with a knack for relationship building and image making! After picking up photography in high school, I kept it up for many years as a hobby and decided to pursue it as a business about 4 years ago. It has become not only a creative outlet for me but also a way to connect with new people -  and yes, I am a classic extrovert. 

I got my start in landscape and nature photography but realized that it's not as interesting without people in the frame! I currently specialize in portrait photography and am beginning to dip my toe into the world of wedding photography. My approach to photography is one of memorializing the little, beautiful gems that get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day. If you happen to have a family member who seems to have a camera permanently strapped to their side, that person is me. My family likes to joke that I'm their personal paparazzo but I believe that no moment is too trivial to capture. 

At heart, I am a huge "people person" and I love to infuse my photography with that spirit. I hope we'll have an opportunity to work together!


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